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7 November, 2014 06:52

November 7, 2014

Marty, Mama Dex and Jean giving food and Bibles to women we support at Mtaani Centre

16 October, 2013 01:26

October 16, 2013

Mtaani VCT at the peace concert

December 12, 2012

mtaani htc counsellors

December 12, 2012

Mtaani Centre HTC Counselors

12 December, 2012 04:38

December 12, 2012


mtaani VCT Counselors

December 12, 2012

mtaani HTC Counsellors

December 12, 2012

Mtaani Counselors
Violet.Kirubo,Sally Cate and Rhode(near the post) and Emma was missing in action on the 1st day.


December 12, 2012

Mtaani Vct mobillizers

December 12, 2012

Mtaani VCT Mobillizers on 12/12/12 on the start on the 2nd quarter under TOWA grants lreaching out to couples
Alex (with the white hat),Janet,Pauline,Tony and Otiko, Mutweri had come when we took the photo

12 December, 2012 02:51

December 12, 2012

Mobillizers on day one of 2nd quarter under towa funds.

distributing food

March 8, 2012

food distribution at the centre among women led by Sally and Tony

going strong

May 15, 2011

Mtaani VCT and Outreach Program is still going strong despite limited funds but we are thankful to God as he continues to provide in his own ways and we praise Him always and we are ever thankful to those who support us.

We are delighted as we were given our site code 17455 and we are awaiting an official registration letter from NASCOP ,we are as well awaiting our reporting certificate from NACC that will make us eligible for funds from NACC once they call for proposal

Our support group is still running strong though our proposal to Stephen Lewis Foundation was unsuccessful we are hopeful one day, we can help those living positive to get nutritional support,where by we will help them buy what they (food) require, what is nutritious and that which will reduce side effects of the drugs,help absorption and help them live a healthier life while being positive.

The tools within Voluntary Counselling Centre(VCT) now HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) have been changing of late and we are awaiting new tools that will make TB screening necessary but on our part we will not only do the TB screening but also STI/STD which must people suffer from but due to shame/shyness and stigma most people don’t get treated .

We will do screen for TB and STD/STI and where the clients needs specialized treatment our local referral centre (MSF) through their 3 clinics within Kibera the staff will attand to them and we are thankful to the coordinator of MSF for the working relationship Mtaani VCT and MSF enjoy.

We are ever thankful for all those who support us meet our monthly expenses of $80 as well as those who pray encourage correct connect or one way or another help Mtaani VCT we say "asante sana" thank you alot.

As always to God be the glory

4 February, 2011 23:34

February 4, 2011

Mtaani Centre is a Community Based Organization

November 21, 2010

Days have passed so fast and things have really changed.

Where do we start from? Oh we had visitors-2sistsres who happen to be nurses-Marty and Tricia came on a mission to Kibera and they had time (2days) to come and spend at our Centre, it was awesome to host the sisters.

Then came in SERVE International just to see our centre, how amazing it is for us to host ten members plus their guides and contacts at the centre, for 20colorful minutes, many thanks to Steve and team for finding time to visit us, despite your busy schedule. Oh it had rained the previous night so it was muddy.

Mama Dex (hope I got that right) thanks a lot for bringing for our women in the support group Women multi Vitamins, many thanks to Marty for finding and availing them and sending them with Mama Dex, many thanks.

Mama Dex thanks for the call, though I was sick we were able to chat and many thanks for remembering to say halo.

Steve and team, hope you got home safe-God bless you and many thanks.

Yes we did! We are no longer just a structure but a Community Based Organization, registered by Kenyan Government by the name of MTAANI VCT  and OUTREACH PROGRAM and we are not yet done-plan to empower the community of Kibera in one way or another.

We have over 870 clients in our name and we are thankful to all those who support, pray, encourage, criticize and help us grow but mostly many thanks to almighty God for helping us this far we have come and helping us have a very supportive time- also called Pillars  of Mtaani Centre-yes they know themselves.

Next year we hope to get funding from SLF and one of the “craziest” activities we want to carry out will be a beauty pageant for those who are positive and not ashamed, in that way we hope to help reduce/end stigma as well as demystify the myth that you can look at someone and tell their HIV/AIDS status.

We hope to touch one day, all the young mothers who choose not to abort but face the consequence of being isolated, criticized, abused and rejected but still have held their heads high by helping them get the much needed skills in life-training and education.

Mtaani Centre salutes all such mother-God bless you

We are still looking for ways we can partner with other Organization, Institution and Individuals to brighten up the Kibera Community.

Keep us in your prayers, for more information visit or email us at

God bless guide and provide always

unique mother

August 29, 2010

Rose was born 6years ago to a girl  of  14 years while she was in high school. What a taboo to the family and mother of such a child who will be a mother soon, what a shame to the mother to be, getting pregnant at such an early age instead of schooling. As her peers go on with school she will be busy nursing her kid if she doesn’t abort which is common in the slum.

Lets call the mother to be Nancy, Nancy  mother’s is furious and cant stand the sight of her daughter being pregnant thus she choose for her Nancy to have an abortion so that Nancy can go on with school, Nancy hears none of it and the mother mistreats her even denying her food.

The sad part is that Nancy’s mother takes Nancy to a clinic with the slogan “children by choice not by chance” that specializes with abortion. As Nancy walks up the stairs to the clinic she has a thing in her mind, she is not going to abort.

As the mother and “doc” consult Nancy is watching and shed tears, as she is lead to a room inside with a table, where she is told to undress and rest on the table, she calls her mother and tells her and the “doc” if you force or remove my child am going and coming back with the police and directs this words to her mother “mum. Ill never forgive you”.

With those words she walks out and none dares to touch her, once home the abuse, i.e. physical, verbal and emotional abuse she gets from her mother is over whelming but Nancy is adamant not to do an abortion.

The mother finally gives in and stops the abuses but tells Nancy that she will never support her or the child-9months later around Sept, Rose is born.

Nancy bears the shame of being a drop out and faces the challenges of being single teenager mother with no proper education or life skills and hostile family live alone the community.

Nancy comes of age23 –the man that made her pregnant long gone and non supportive-she meets a man she likes and the man doesn’t mind her situation and is willing to settle down with her-the man is also from the Nancy’s community but much more educated and a role model to many especially his peers but his family rejects Nancy ones he introduces her as his future wife- how can you marry uneducated lady especially one with a child-shouts the dad of the man interested with Nancy.

Luckily Nancy is introduced to plating hair in a salon, coz she is hard working she relays to God to bless her hands as she works in a salon which is owned by her mother.

Few ladies are like Nancy, most after learning there are pregnant they don’t wait for their parents to notice but go straight for abortion without caring and with no guilty “as long as no one will know” if the dad of the man interested with Nancy only knew that if Nancy wanted to abort she would then she would remove the negative aspect he has for her and bless their union.

If Nancy would have aborted I won’t be sharing this story, Rose is a grown up kid 6years now and in primary and in go health, Nancy takes care of all Rose’s needs with no help from her mother or family.

We as Mtaani Centre, hope and pray that Rose’s story will be different from her mother, she will be educated to the highest level and get married-she wont be a laughing material within the community but a role model and so will be her mother-if only her story can be heard and be spread-Nancy has a strong heart, a heart of a child that was forced to be a mother, she might not have “grown fully” but she is helping and nurture a future generation.

Luckily Nancy has a home to call home, most girls in her situation end up being chased from their home, rejected and disowned by the man responsible, giving up hope in life, moving from one man to the other looking for financial support thus many are physical abused end up acquiring HIV/AIDS and other STI’s since some have multiple sex partners as they end up taking drugs and alcohol thus predisposing themselves with little concern.

Nancy’s story is unique if you can get in 1st hand; am sure tears will roll your cheeks when she narrates this story.

Please pray for all the teenager mothers in the slum, one day Mtaani Centre will make a difference by helping such mothers acquire real life skills and those willing to go  back  to school Mtaani Centre will help, Nancy was willing but they was no 2nd chance for her…..Mtaani Centre will be giving those willing a 2nd chance.

Pray for Rose and the likes, Rose is blessed she has a good mother that supports here many are abandoned and neglected.

Pray for Nancy and Rose and such ladies that find themselves in such a situation.


August 17, 2010

Dear Partners

Receiving greeting once again from Mtaani VCT, we do believe everyone is doing great.

We are excited as the days move closer to us hosting a medical team here in Kenya, hope you will find a day to be at the VCT.

Today, we had a meeting with an organization and we had a good time discussing various things we can do together.

The lady was impressed that we are volunteers yet we don’t charge a cent for the services we offer  and we came up with various programs that we can work together

–        Mobile VCT to different communities

–        Medical camps

–        Motivation gifts for people to be tested e.g. t-shirts wrist bands

–        Post test groups

–        Working together on tournaments mostly during world AIDS day.

–        Trainings and supervisions

We agreed we start by starting a support group and from there we will see what next, on Thursday ill go to a clinic where we mostly refer our clients to to look for 5ladies that we can start to work with in the support group.

As I keep saying we are trying our best to get funds and partners with well developed organization and institution, don’t give up on us.

Our most pressing issues are

–        rent $54

–        Electricity $4

–        Gloves $20(3pairs)

–        Cotton wool $1(I roll)

–        Water $1

Every month we need at least $80 to keep Mtaani VCT door’s open.

Currently we have $320 in an account our patron has in her bank if you minus Aug expenses we will be left with around $240, please share about us and let’s contribute to keep Mtaani VCT doors open.

We are on face book send a friend’s request we connect

Our website remains

Please pray for the man (Mr. Paris) that set up our website, many thanks.

Pray and vote for this documentary

Pray for a friends book ( – title Pursued by Nikki S. Arnold) and she is also working for a project for homeless

Pray for Marty and her team as they come to Africa and hopeful pray they have an outreach at the centre-I believe is will serve as an eye opener.

Let’s also pray for each other and be there for each other.

Pass many thanks to everyone who contributed/contributes and tell them about the work we are doing here, we understand its not easy to but don’t give up on us, we are moving forward not backwards.

Whatever God started he will bring it accomplishment-I believe so.

Just a thought, we don’t have much resource and rent is an issue…what if can have our own place in Kibera-it’s not that expensive! Please think about that and pray for it.

Many thanks to all of you, your families’ friends, church mates and colleagues that supported us and will continue to support and pray for  us, God himself to reward you.

We look forward to all of you one day one by one coming to see the work which you help be done, by that time hopefully we will have our own Comprehensive Care Centre and a Children’s clinic (one of its kind in Kibera).

May God continue to be gracious and merciful to all of us

God guide us, provide for us and be with us

On behalf of Mtaani VCT and Out reach program

Titus Kimani Mungai

updates from nairobi

August 14, 2010

Dear Partners
Hope all are doing well.
1st let me say sorry for the numerous grammar mistakes i do, I use a computer at a cyber and they charge thus the hurry in typing, please pardon my mistake(though not a very good excuse)

I have seen some sense in giving you the figures so far we have seen In a more detailed manner, we started on Feb 1st,


M < 25 years 48

M > 25 years  28

F > 25years  54

F < 25 years  53

Couples 12

Positives male < 25 years 1

Female <  25 yrs  2

Male > 25 years 3

Female > 25 years1

Total 183


M < 25 years 31

M > 25 years 23

F > 25years 27

F < 25 years 18

Couples 1

Positives male < 25 years 3

Female <  25 yrs  3

Male > 25 years 0

Female > 25 years1

Total 99


M < 25 years 19

M > 25 years  4

F > 25years  23

F < 25 years  6

Couples 4

Positives Male < 25 years 0

Female <  25 yrs  1

Male > 25 years 0

Female > 25 years1

Total 52


M < 25 years 33

M > 25 years  13

F > 25years  22

F < 25 years  17

Couples 9

Positives Male < 25 years  2

Female <  25 yrs  0

Male > 25 years 1

Female > 25 years1

Total 85


M < 25 years 13

M > 25 years  4

F > 25years  6

F < 25 years  12

Couples 5

Positives male < 25 years 2

Female < 25 yrs 1

Male > 25 years 0

Female > 25 years0

Total 35


M < 25 years 28

M > 25 years  14

F > 25years  17

F < 25 years  8

Couples 11

Positives male < 25 years 0

Female <  25 yrs  0

Male > 25 years 0

Female > 25 years1

Total 67

Aug so far we have over 42 and still counting ,this Is an example of the reporting methods we use to submit to the government every month before the 5th .

Please keep sharing, praying about us and the work we are doing where necessary make a donation, our account is managed by our Patron

This month don’t forget to vote for give a damn documentary for the Pepsi Challenge

God bless guide and provide for all of us

eye opener

August 12, 2010

Dear Partners

Receiving greetings from Kenya and trust all of you are well

Hope all are well and doing great, have you heard about our referendum? We have a new constitution.

Its been long since I send updates to you but its because we have been busy trying everything we can to source funds from organization but we haven’t, we are not alone organization  are being forced  to  sent their employees on compulsory leave due to funding issues.,as well as other organization taking charge of  key areas in other organization that don’t have funding for that area e.g CCC  of some organization are run by either organization due to shortage of funding, please  be patient with Mtaani VCT we are still growing and we need more nourishments so as to grow strong.

With registering the Centre  as CBO we are almost there, trust you me, its, involves a lot of paper work which we are through with and investigation from authorities concerned(not NASCOP)  at the moment we are waiting chief’s stamp for us to submit it to the registering body thus the delay but I still have the ksh6000 for the registration process, rest assured.

We have over 550 clients to our name who we have helped know their HIV status and we are still growing, we have been receiving a good number of couple which makes DASCO be impressed with our work-despite limited funding and working with no pay.

Our monthly expenses are as follows rent $54,gloves(3 pieces) $20,electricity $4 total is $78 per month these are the most pressing demands that we need for Mtaani VCT to continue to grow as we continue to source for other funds, we have $320 In the account which is under Marty’s care, don’t give up on us now please continue supporting us and sharing about us, we will reach there, please don’t give up.

Imagine if we were independent and funded, how we would change peoples life in long run reducing crime by creating employment-am sorry to say this but while give a damn crew were here in Africa and we were in Uganda we had to come back because as 2friends were gunned down-together with other 5other young men, because of crime, Mtaani would want to offer employment to the youths as of the 6 no was over 25years old-that’s the sad news, with no employment and low level of education the only option is crime which we hope to reduce .

A medical team is coming, we hope to have a day’s medical camp with them and hope it will serve as an eye opener to the work which is done here, a friend  had suggested that the team takes some video but none in the team has  a camera-anyone who can lent the team? The video and photos will allow us to post in his  my friends web site thus and maybe more and more people will see about Mtaani Centre

I have proposed to proposed to the team, if it would be possible I get a cheaper ride (safe and comfortable) for the team and the money they save go towards Mtaani VCT rents and expenses, the last time I did such a thing I was accused of  increasing the price, anyone with a better way to boost Mtaani VCT account? We need suggestion to keep Mtaani VCT in operation

Please dong forget to vote for this documentary for the Pepsi challenge get the link at

we are on Facebook acoount

Our web site share this with friends and visit to learn more

Please let’s keep each other in prayers; let’s move from being just partners to one big family that’s connected with prayers.

God bless guide and provide for us.

Thanks so far for walking with me and supporting this dream I have, its not easy I understand but many thanks for everyone that contributes.

Ps pass it to everyone that contributes or contributed

May 27, 2010

Hope God’s hand has been with you and all you take part in succeeds.

At the moment Mtaani Centre is doing great in terms of people accessing the services but still poorly in terms of grants, donations or partnership, I know we are in a hard situation but faith, trust and prayers to God won’t go in vain, something will come out and things will be good.

That’s why we still coming up with ideas and believing we will make a big difference for the people of Kibera, especially by empowering them in term of school or skills.

Here people become sexually active at an early age some as young as 7years, since the room(s) (usual shared between children and parents) don’t offer good privacy the kids copy or pick up what they see their parents do.

Another factor that causes early sexually activities is the fact that early marriages are very common it’s very common to find a girl of 15 years married and with a child if not 2.

Poverty might be another factor fueling early sexually activities, teenage pregnancy and early marriages, as young girls look for security in the wrong places.

In some cases low level of education especially reproductive education might be a culprit as well since most girls don’t know how to take care of their bodies and in some cases don’t know their own body especially the changes that occur during adolescences, very common for girls to miss classes due to getting their 1st monthly periods.

We as Mtaani Centre if God allows we hope to educate the youths about the changes that occur during adolescent and how to take care of themselves.

We are hopeful that we can help the teenager mothers (those willing) to continue with their education or at least nurture their talents by helping them get a training in a field that will make them make end meets.

I know and I have seen it in my friends and Neighbors, most get pregnant while in Primary School or  high school, Most Mothers are always for the option of aborting(if she ever knows her girl is pregnant-but in some cases the girl herself goes on and aborts) and goes on with her education(the reason most mothers opt for abortions) but some in their own senses refuse and opted to drop out of school, luckily with time their mother accepts her after things don’t work between her and the baby fathers or worse rejected and abandoned by her family.

Some are lucky as their mothers owns  salon or other business and some get trained (by mom-relative/friends) and thus she can work there to make her daily bread, but not all ladies are that lucky as some are chased from home and worse disowned by the man responsible, at the end these girls end up wasting their youthfulness in drugs, alcohol and have numerous sexual partners, that’s why in Kenya young ladies 15-25 are at a greater risk of getting infected with HIV than boys of the same age.

While the male population due to poverty and unemployment mostly engage in crime or criminal activates to support their families (parents knowing sometime enjoying the fruits) but most don’t make it to see their 27birthday.

We pray and trust that the almighty God that helped us get started will make away in his own time for Mtaani Centre to reach out and help where it can.

Please continue praying, supporting, encouraging, correcting, advising and spreading the word about us and in God’s due time he will make away.

Philippians 4:6, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Don’t give up on Mtaani Centre.

With Love

Titus Kimani Mungai


P.O Box 196565-00202

Nairobi Kenya

Hard times in the neighborhood…

April 20, 2010

Mtaani VCT is growing very well despite it being a small organization and having limited funding. We are still serving with smiles and open hearts.

I don’t know whether this will be bad news or good news, but many HIV/AIDS CBOs (community-based organizations) have been closed down due to lack of funding. Even some bigger HIV/AIDS organizations are cutting expenditures by not having any more mobile VCTs and by not hiring any new personnel. The main sponsor for these bigger organizations is the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which is currently withdrawing some support and sponsorship for these organizations.

As many of you know, Joe and I have been volunteers for some of these organizations for quite a while, but lately no mobile VCT activity has been going on (meaning that volunteers are no longer bringing mobile testing centres out to community settings). However, these organizations are continuing to run their Comprehensive Care Centres, which provide treatment and support for clients who test positive for HIV/AIDS. These changes make the work of Mtaani VCT all the more important, as there are now fewer places where people can get tested for HIV/AIDS.

We have been in touch with personnel from the CDC , but  we have yet to hear if a partnership with them will be possible. The CDC is interested in offering HIV/AIDS programs in Kibera but is not particularly interested in targeting Laini Saba, which is the area of Kibera that Mtaani VCT is located in. However, we are hopeful that Mtaani VCT will be able to partner in some way with the CDC.

We are also continuing to work on the paperwork needed to get Mtaani VCT registered as a community-based organization.

May God bless, provide, and guide us all. Thanks for everything you do on behalf of Mtaani Centre.

Looking for partnerships!

April 20, 2010

Mtaani VCT Centre is moving along well. We recently had a visit from Uhuru Camp that is run by administration police just a few kilometers from Kibera. They have been very supportive of us ever since they were introduced to us by DASCO (District AIDS and STI Control Coordinator).

The lady that came to see our site is the Site in Charge at Uhuru Camp. She was pleasantly surprised to see our nice premises and hear about the large number of clients we have tested in such a short time (300 clients in the last 3 months), despite the fact that we are not affiliated with and receive no support from any outside organizations. She was full of praise for the work that Mtaani Centre is doing.

We are encouraging other organizations to visit us too, as this may open the door for partnerships or financial support in the future. We are currently targeting the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and we have been in contact with their officials but are still waiting for them to respond to our invitation.

Of course, we are not only limited to visitors locally but would welcome guests from across all oceans, especially medicals teams! We welcome ministries too that will help us spread the word of God.

In most cases, you will find that VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) Centres are integrated with a hospital or, if they stand alone, have their own clinics to treat HIV-positive clients. That’s the dream we have for Mtaani Centre as well—to have a comprehensive care centre that not only tests clients but also provides treatment and care for those who test positive and support for their families.

Keep praying for us, spreading the word about us, supporting us, and advising us on the best course of action to take! May God bless you all, and thanks for supporting us this far.

On the go…

March 23, 2010

Mtaani VCT Centre has been operating since 1st Feb 2010 and has served over 270 clients in that time.

Our 1st report to the Government was presented on 4th March when 183 clients had been tested, with 7 clients turning out positive. These clients were referred to MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres, also known as Doctors Without Borders) and AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation), which have Comprehensive Care Centers for HIV positive clients. Mtaani Centre aims to have a Comprehensive Care Centre itself one day.

We are still trying our best to get support from donors, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), and other institutions, but obtaining grant money has proven to be a hard nut to crack. George, Joe, and Tony continue to volunteer their time and expertise at Mtaani VCT. Our receptionist (Purity) recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and has taken time off to nurse but is still very committed to Mtaani VCT.

We plan to host some community activities in the future, which will serve as a venue for people to learn about Mtaani VCT and find out their HIV status, but finding sponsors and obtaining funding for such activities has been holding us back. Some of the activities we would like to have include football tournaments, mobile VCT’s (enables us to take our testing supplies to the surrounding neighborhoods as an outreach to the community), support groups, activities for youth, and more.

Sharing the word of God and giving out spiritual materials is also welcomed, but we still do not have such materials available to us. We would be honored to offer these in our Center, as faith comes only in hearing the word of God. Please pray that God would provide these materials for us.

All in all God has been faithful to us, as he has provided for most of our needs, but we are still praying for the help of supporters to enable us carry out these other activities. Please pray as well that we would be able to pay our staff a salary in the future. All of us have been volunteering without a cent to date, serving our clients with smiles and the utmost concern. We still have living expenses to pay though, so please keep us in your prayers.


February 19, 2010

Welcome to the Mtaani VCT Center’s new website and blog.  Updates will be coming soon.

Please sign up (link on the right side) to get notified by email when we have updates.