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Mtaani Centre is a Community Based Organization

November 21, 2010

Days have passed so fast and things have really changed.

Where do we start from? Oh we had visitors-2sistsres who happen to be nurses-Marty and Tricia came on a mission to Kibera and they had time (2days) to come and spend at our Centre, it was awesome to host the sisters.

Then came in SERVE International just to see our centre, how amazing it is for us to host ten members plus their guides and contacts at the centre, for 20colorful minutes, many thanks to Steve and team for finding time to visit us, despite your busy schedule. Oh it had rained the previous night so it was muddy.

Mama Dex (hope I got that right) thanks a lot for bringing for our women in the support group Women multi Vitamins, many thanks to Marty for finding and availing them and sending them with Mama Dex, many thanks.

Mama Dex thanks for the call, though I was sick we were able to chat and many thanks for remembering to say halo.

Steve and team, hope you got home safe-God bless you and many thanks.

Yes we did! We are no longer just a structure but a Community Based Organization, registered by Kenyan Government by the name of MTAANI VCT  and OUTREACH PROGRAM and we are not yet done-plan to empower the community of Kibera in one way or another.

We have over 870 clients in our name and we are thankful to all those who support, pray, encourage, criticize and help us grow but mostly many thanks to almighty God for helping us this far we have come and helping us have a very supportive time- also called Pillars  of Mtaani Centre-yes they know themselves.

Next year we hope to get funding from SLF and one of the “craziest” activities we want to carry out will be a beauty pageant for those who are positive and not ashamed, in that way we hope to help reduce/end stigma as well as demystify the myth that you can look at someone and tell their HIV/AIDS status.

We hope to touch one day, all the young mothers who choose not to abort but face the consequence of being isolated, criticized, abused and rejected but still have held their heads high by helping them get the much needed skills in life-training and education.

Mtaani Centre salutes all such mother-God bless you

We are still looking for ways we can partner with other Organization, Institution and Individuals to brighten up the Kibera Community.

Keep us in your prayers, for more information visit or email us at

God bless guide and provide always

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