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unique mother

August 29, 2010

Rose was born 6years ago to a girl  of  14 years while she was in high school. What a taboo to the family and mother of such a child who will be a mother soon, what a shame to the mother to be, getting pregnant at such an early age instead of schooling. As her peers go on with school she will be busy nursing her kid if she doesn’t abort which is common in the slum.

Lets call the mother to be Nancy, Nancy  mother’s is furious and cant stand the sight of her daughter being pregnant thus she choose for her Nancy to have an abortion so that Nancy can go on with school, Nancy hears none of it and the mother mistreats her even denying her food.

The sad part is that Nancy’s mother takes Nancy to a clinic with the slogan “children by choice not by chance” that specializes with abortion. As Nancy walks up the stairs to the clinic she has a thing in her mind, she is not going to abort.

As the mother and “doc” consult Nancy is watching and shed tears, as she is lead to a room inside with a table, where she is told to undress and rest on the table, she calls her mother and tells her and the “doc” if you force or remove my child am going and coming back with the police and directs this words to her mother “mum. Ill never forgive you”.

With those words she walks out and none dares to touch her, once home the abuse, i.e. physical, verbal and emotional abuse she gets from her mother is over whelming but Nancy is adamant not to do an abortion.

The mother finally gives in and stops the abuses but tells Nancy that she will never support her or the child-9months later around Sept, Rose is born.

Nancy bears the shame of being a drop out and faces the challenges of being single teenager mother with no proper education or life skills and hostile family live alone the community.

Nancy comes of age23 –the man that made her pregnant long gone and non supportive-she meets a man she likes and the man doesn’t mind her situation and is willing to settle down with her-the man is also from the Nancy’s community but much more educated and a role model to many especially his peers but his family rejects Nancy ones he introduces her as his future wife- how can you marry uneducated lady especially one with a child-shouts the dad of the man interested with Nancy.

Luckily Nancy is introduced to plating hair in a salon, coz she is hard working she relays to God to bless her hands as she works in a salon which is owned by her mother.

Few ladies are like Nancy, most after learning there are pregnant they don’t wait for their parents to notice but go straight for abortion without caring and with no guilty “as long as no one will know” if the dad of the man interested with Nancy only knew that if Nancy wanted to abort she would then she would remove the negative aspect he has for her and bless their union.

If Nancy would have aborted I won’t be sharing this story, Rose is a grown up kid 6years now and in primary and in go health, Nancy takes care of all Rose’s needs with no help from her mother or family.

We as Mtaani Centre, hope and pray that Rose’s story will be different from her mother, she will be educated to the highest level and get married-she wont be a laughing material within the community but a role model and so will be her mother-if only her story can be heard and be spread-Nancy has a strong heart, a heart of a child that was forced to be a mother, she might not have “grown fully” but she is helping and nurture a future generation.

Luckily Nancy has a home to call home, most girls in her situation end up being chased from their home, rejected and disowned by the man responsible, giving up hope in life, moving from one man to the other looking for financial support thus many are physical abused end up acquiring HIV/AIDS and other STI’s since some have multiple sex partners as they end up taking drugs and alcohol thus predisposing themselves with little concern.

Nancy’s story is unique if you can get in 1st hand; am sure tears will roll your cheeks when she narrates this story.

Please pray for all the teenager mothers in the slum, one day Mtaani Centre will make a difference by helping such mothers acquire real life skills and those willing to go  back  to school Mtaani Centre will help, Nancy was willing but they was no 2nd chance for her…..Mtaani Centre will be giving those willing a 2nd chance.

Pray for Rose and the likes, Rose is blessed she has a good mother that supports here many are abandoned and neglected.

Pray for Nancy and Rose and such ladies that find themselves in such a situation.


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